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Car Wreck

Published on November 8, 2011 By Steven Weiss

The challenge for Joe Ewanick is to reinvent global marketing for Chevrolet. He is clearly not doing that  The script he is following is yesterday’s news. Positioning Chevrolet as a global brand is meaningless to car buyers throughout the world. The badges are local. Chevrolet’s problem was not a result of not being a global [...]

Toyota And Honda Lose Edge In U.S.

Published on November 15, 2010 By Steven Weiss

Toyota is an example of an enterprise which went to sleep at the wheel.  The enterprise rode the wave of success and believed it was invincible.  Quality, reliability and trust in the brand has been severely damaged. It happened overnight. The paradox lies in the fact that the success of Toyota planted the seeds for future declines. Once [...]