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There Are No Foolproof Plans.

Published on September 21, 2011 By Steven Weiss

Given the tremendous rate of ongoing technological change and innovation, no enterprise, no matter how dominate at the moment, is impervious to failure. No company is immune to changes in industries, business markets and consumers’ changing needs. That is why it is so hard for companies to keep achieving double digit earnings growth. Yahoo thought it owned [...]

Companies That Have Disregarded Previous Instructions And Those That Have Not

Published on July 15, 2010 By Steven Weiss

HAVE • Apple: The largest mobile device company in the world. • Google: Has a healthy disregard for the impossible. • The Coca-Cola Company: Pioneer in distribution, marketing, advertising. • US Army: From fighting wars to nation building. • Nike: Refined and redefined running shows and cradle to cradle sustainability. • Patagonia: First to pledge [...]