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Response to: “Clouds, big data, and smart assets: Ten tech-enabled business trends to watch” in McKinsey Quarterly

Published on August 12, 2010 By Steven Weiss

McKinsey Quarterly accepted the following Steven Weiss comment to this article: https://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/Clouds_big_data_and_smart_assets_Ten_tech-enabled_business_trends_to_watch_2647 An enterprise’s future success will require improvisation, spontaneity, flexibility, collaboration, and obsessive experimentation. The technological trends that you cite will be the enablers in some cases. Improvisational business models will be transformative. Improvisors will use technology, collaboration, networking, data collection, and smart grids [...]

Companies That Want To Disregard Previous Instructions Must Do The Following:

Published on May 24, 2010 By Steven Weiss

look for dramatic growth and are not content with incremental growth… create chaos in their industries and benefit from their ability to manage chaos… create a series of overlapping competitive advantages, disruptive moves and ruthlessly trash the known… improvise to manage uncertainty, unpredictability and the staggering speed of the marketplace… perpetually develop asset innovations and [...]