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The Ideal Corporation

Published on August 15, 2012 By Steven Weiss

What should we expect from a corporation? This question has been asked many times and answered many times and the answers differ depending upon whom you ask and when you ask and what your motives seem to be in asking. Even among corporate executives, however, there is a wide variety of answers.  People, even people [...]

The Risk of Not Being a Risk Taker

Published on April 19, 2012 By Steven Weiss

  Executive Memorandum CONFIDENTIAL To: The New CEO From: The Previous CEO (now Chairman of the Finance Committee) Date: February 2012 Re: The Risk of Not Being a Risk Taker Thank you for your prompt response to my last memo.  Thanks also for asking me to write another memo.  I am flattered. We are a [...]

Sidewalk Vendors

Published on September 7, 2011 By Steven Weiss

“There was an interesting article about innovation in The Financial Times [September 12, 2011] entitled “Real life trial and error drives innovation.” There have been a thousand books  and business school papers written on innovation. Luke Johnson believes that we can learn a lot from street vendors. Typically, these vendors serve pies, porridge, churros, hot [...]

GE’s Tax Escape

Published on April 4, 2011 By Steven Weiss

The Financial Times published an article that pointed out that GE did not pay any taxes in 2010. Their profits amounted to $14.2 billion. Jeff Immelt, the Chairman of GE, is chairing the White House advisory committee on jobs and competitiveness. What was President Obama thinking when he appointed Mr. Immelt? The choice seemed a [...]