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Harvard: “20 Logos We Love,” by Andrew Shea, April 13, 2013

Published on April 30, 2013 By Steven Weiss

Harvard: “20 Logos We Love,” by Andrew Shea, April 13, 2013 I recently read “20 Logos We Love – What Makes A Great Logo” was logo-light.  It needed further explanation and clarification. My turn. Logos are symbols and are just that – symbols.  Some of them are incredibly powerful and others are just so much [...]

The Ideal Corporation

Published on August 15, 2012 By Steven Weiss

What should we expect from a corporation? This question has been asked many times and answered many times and the answers differ depending upon whom you ask and when you ask and what your motives seem to be in asking. Even among corporate executives, however, there is a wide variety of answers.  People, even people [...]

Pepsi Takes Aim At Coca-Cola’s Icons – Financial Times [July 19, 2011]

Published on July 19, 2011 By Steven Weiss

Pepsi-Cola has launched television advertising in the US casting Santa Claus and polar bears, classic Coke mascots, as converts to the Pepsi’s core cola brand. Pepsi-Cola is in full retreat and will lose market share and their cost of business will increase. Loyal users will feel betrayed. They are drinking Pepsi-Cola for several reasons: what [...]

Companies That Have Disregarded Previous Instructions And Those That Have Not

Published on July 15, 2010 By Steven Weiss

HAVE • Apple: The largest mobile device company in the world. • Google: Has a healthy disregard for the impossible. • The Coca-Cola Company: Pioneer in distribution, marketing, advertising. • US Army: From fighting wars to nation building. • Nike: Refined and redefined running shows and cradle to cradle sustainability. • Patagonia: First to pledge [...]

Not A Rose By Any Other Name

Published on June 10, 2010 By Steven Weiss

It is a Chevrolet, not a Chevy.  This change is going to turn the brand around.  It is a signal of things to come.  It is Coca-Cola not Coke.  It is the New York Yankees not the Yankees.  It is Proctor and Gamble not P&G.  The new guy at General Motors wants to start fresh [...]