Things to think about when thinking about solving problems.

One of the greatest obstacles to solving problems is success.  Success is not a real place, it is a psychological one.  Success is where you think you have more to lose than you have to gain, where you spend your time trying to maintain a position rather than scrambling to new heights.  There is a tremendous difference in the way successful companies that are still trying to make it approach problems.  Success makes you risk averse, it makes you reluctant to change, unwilling to rock the boat, it makes you worry a lot about your image and about keeping up appearances.  Companies that are still trying to make it, on the other hand, figure they have less to lose.  They go for bolder solutions, they welcome change, they are more concerned with substance than appearances.  No matter how successful you really are, it is a good idea to approach problems (and opportunities) as though you were still trying to make it.  It gives you many more options.

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