Update of Instructions Manual

I have been asked to update the Disregard Previous Instruction Manual for Business Leaders.  If you are going to succeed in this rapidly changing world, we face two challenges: make sense of the world around us and Disregard Previous Instructions.

Update Leadership

Most leaders see things the same way everyone else sees them because they look for ideas in the same place everyone else looks for them

Spread Sheets

If all you’ve got is a spreadsheet filled with red ink, it is easy to be paralyzed by fear. But if you can summon some leadership, nerve, then hard times can be great time to separate yourself and build advantages for years to come.

Rediscovering and Reinterpreting

Originality matters. But history matters too. The very act of rediscovering and reinterpreting the past creates the confidence necessary to craft a distinctive game plan for the future.

Re-Imagining What is Possible

Looking for ideas in unfamiliar fields is not just about relocating what works from one industry to another. It is also about re-imagining what’s possible in an industry.


When it comes to thriving in an age of rapid-fire change, the only thing than too much experimentation maybe too little experimentation. If you do things the same way everyone else does things, why would you expect to do anything better.

The Road to Nowhere

It’s not good enough to be ‘pretty good” at everything. You have to be the most of something: the most elegant, the most colorful, the most strategic and the most focused. In the New World of business the middle of the road has become a road to nowhere.

Caring More

Even the most creative leaders recognize that success is not about thinking differently. It is also about caring more. The question isn’t about what separates you from the competition in the marketplace. It is what holds you together in the workplace.

New Sources of Growth

Defense is no longer sufficient.  Scalable efficiency is no longer sufficient.  Margins will continue to deteriorate and economic value will be destroyed until leaders of today, big corporations and institutions begin to pursue new sources of growth.

I plan to continue updating Disregard Previous Instructions when I have something useful to say.

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