Tapscott vs Shirky: TEDGlobal.

Don Tapscott,  “Big Data, business intelligence, and next generation analytics can help deliver more effective targeted communications to customers.  And with detailed individual knowledge we can deliver better, personalized value (products and services) to them.  But in many ways this is just fine tuning of the old paradigm in marketing where companies deliver message and value-one-way-to passive recipients.  It is just and extension of the broadcasting models of marketing: Customers are inert and the goal is, transaction and not a relationship.”

A much bigger opportunity is to engage with them: from customer centricity to customer co-creation: from focusing on the consumer to co-creating with them to innovating with them and establishing a relationship with them.  Customers will get tired of being bombared with one way messaging.  They are likely to punish the company who sends them.

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