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One-Tenth of One-Percent: Group therapy

June 26, 2012

One-tenth-of one percent is killing an enterprise. One-tenth of one-percent indicates how an is doing over the previous quarter. Market share is disseminated by e-mail, research companies and analyst throughout the world. If the share went up a tenth of a percentage the enterprise is doing a good job in the marketplace. The brand manger’s [...]

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P&G Goes Down the Drain.

June 22, 2012

P&G needs drain clean the businesses are clogged up. “P&G cuts its earnings guidance, lowered its outlook which is worrisome sign,especially after P&G  reported The and s string of weak results What happened? They are in hyper competitive markets. They either did not know it or did not know what to do. They did not know [...]

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Creativity in the 5th Dimension.

June 21, 2012

A new kind of discovery has emerged in which sources of creativity have been founded as much upon marginalized sites and contexts as upon creative hubs. Now, the most important thing to work on is creative discovery, which is not only about creativity, it’s the whole understanding of discovery.

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June 20, 2012

I have written about this before and we are still not getting are cut. We are being sliced and diced. We are being sold to the highest bidder. Marketers save money by knowing who to sell to and how to sell them. Advertising has become more efficient. Enterprise are in on the scam. We are [...]

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GMCR: Drowning in Coffee grounds.

June 6, 2012

Diagnosis: GMCR can not over come the following; mismanagement, missed opportunities, intellectual deficits, margin erosion, deep pocket competitors, stuck. Guiding Policy:  re-think, reinvent, revitalize, restructure.  restock talent.  reduce risks. create raving consumer. Prescription:   Divest. Partner. Outsource.  Identify buyers.  Identify alliances. Buyers:  The Coca-Cola Company, The Pepsi-Cola Company, Nestle, Starbucks, Private equity firms, Unilever, McDonald’s, [...]

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Larry Ellison, is creepy, arrogant, presumptions and plays God

June 5, 2012

Larry Ellison in a Wall Street Journal interview said, “Now we can track not only what products you’re buying, but what your’s saying about those products. We know who your friends are. We know what you’re saying to your friends. We know your friends’ friends.” Larry Ellison is collecting information without are knowledge. He is using [...]

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