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One Second Markets

April 18, 2011

Markets are created in seconds. Every second, a consumer purchases a product or service on the web. There are second cycles. Clicks, Twitter and Groupon are just the tip of the iceberg. Retailers have been developing infrastructures based upon on second response time. Every second is a profit possibility. Enterprise strategies should be developed on [...]

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April 14, 2011

Planning is for dreamers, not technocrats. Giving technocrats responsibility for planning is like asking brick layers to create the Pieta.

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April 14, 2011

Consultants like to burrow themselves into a corporation like the people who announce the weather on TV. Bottom Line: They cannot resist padding their parts and over-dramatizing the obvious. No sucking up allowed.

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Shareholder Dividends

April 8, 2011

In business, to increase a dividend is to reduce the sums available for new capital spending. If the shareholders are not interested in the future of the company because they can sell their shares tomorrow, they will want to see dividends, not retain profits in the account. The managers, on the other hand, with their [...]

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Diet Coke Surpasses Pepsi-Cola

April 4, 2011

Diet Coke has surpassed Pepsi-Cola in sales for the first time. The Refresh America campaign did not refresh the brand. Pepsi-Cola needs to build the brand before they lose the next generation of consumers. Pepsi-Cola was a marketing king, now they are paupers.

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GE’s Tax Escape

April 4, 2011

The Financial Times published an article that pointed out that GE did not pay any taxes in 2010. Their profits amounted to $14.2 billion. Jeff Immelt, the Chairman of GE, is chairing the White House advisory committee on jobs and competitiveness. What was President Obama thinking when he appointed Mr. Immelt? The choice seemed a [...]

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