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Business Myths

January 20, 2011

It may seem paradoxical, but it is possible that a particular management practice lowers a firm’s effectiveness and everybody would be better off without it if it persists over time.  Just because everybody is doing it and has always been doing it a certain way, that does not mean that is the best way of doing [...]

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Vision Statements

January 19, 2011

Vision statements inevitably seem to read like some generic expression that could only be generated by a degenerated brain.

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Wall Street

January 17, 2011

Wall Street is an enterprise’s worst nightmare.

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Review Of “Business Exposed” By Freek Vermeulen, Associate Professor – London Business School

January 14, 2011

Business Exposed is phenomenal. It reframes business and exposes some of the business principles that we take for granted. The themes are supported by academic research. It is not dry. It is not boring. It is an easy read. It is provocative. The reader will break bad habits. If your competitor reads the book and [...]

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The Tragedy In Tucson

January 11, 2011

John Stewart held a “civility” event.  Television commentators from the right and left are discussing the role that political pundit discourse in the media played in the Tuscon tragedy. I have no problem with their analysis, although it is a bit self-serving. We must teach “civility.”  I believe that if we start at an early age [...]

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It’s Time To Stand Up For The Middle Managers

January 11, 2011

Middle managers will survive because they give a great company its pulse. In my opinion, they will not survive if their job description remains the same.  Middle managers will become concierges.  They become the middle between the consumer and the enterprise. Their role is more important than ever.  It just changes.

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Collaborate. Imagine. Create.

January 7, 2011

My friends asked what are the three words that best describe today and tomorrow. Is this new news? Not really. What is new is the nature and extent between them and how they will combine to invent the future on a scale never before imagined.

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Kids And Their Toys

January 7, 2011

I recently read that kids are leading the world’s transition to digital media. That is in part because kids are not afraid of technology, because kids have not spent years getting use to anything else.  That will take enterprises in places that they have never gone before.   The toys of my 2 year old grandchildren [...]

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