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For Immediate Release: P&G Future Crises Solved by New Midwest Consulting Firm- Disregard Previous Instructions Offers Radical Thinking for Unprecedented Times

August 17, 2010

St. Louis – August 17, 2010 – It’s big news.  In the last quarter, Procter &Gamble’s net income fell 12%, revenues rose 5%.  Not good.  To take steps so that this shortfall doesn’t occur all that often, Disregard Previous Instructions, a new Midwest consulting firm offers these suggestions which may be loved or hated, but [...]

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Response to: “Global Forces: An Introduction” in McKinsey Quarterly

August 16, 2010

McKinsey Quarterly accepted the following Steven Weiss comment to this article: There will be political divides on most of these key trends as each one has a political component. In some cases the political divide will be greater then the economic divide. The business implications will be unexpected—so will the political component.

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Anheuser Busch And Their Customers (For The Moment)

August 14, 2010

I have just received an e-mail from Joe who just got back from his favorite beer joint.  He was exhausted after a 10 hour shift and was looking forward to his Bud with his buddies. He had a couple of Buds as usual and then got the check. What’s this? The check was higher then [...]

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Response to: “Clouds, big data, and smart assets: Ten tech-enabled business trends to watch” in McKinsey Quarterly

August 12, 2010

McKinsey Quarterly accepted the following Steven Weiss comment to this article: An enterprise’s future success will require improvisation, spontaneity, flexibility, collaboration, and obsessive experimentation. The technological trends that you cite will be the enablers in some cases. Improvisational business models will be transformative. Improvisors will use technology, collaboration, networking, data collection, and smart grids [...]

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