“I first met Steve Weiss about 20 years ago. After our first meeting I thought I had wasted my time. I had just been appointed President of Coca-Cola International...a juggernaut of volume, share and profit growth. We had developed sound strategies that were working. We had a highly motivated global bottler system, a passionately committed executive management team and we were on a roll. Along comes Steve Weiss with a whole bunch of questions and suggestions completely unrelated to our strategy.

What I didn’t realize at the first meeting was that Steve Weiss’ “modus operandi” is all about Disregard Previous Instructions. 

Over time, I learned to stop and think about Steve’s ideas. Some of them were impractical. Some of them were off the wall. Some of them worked. All of them were worthy of serious contemplation and consideration. Steve forced us to truly think “outside the square.” We were very comfortable with our strategy and our execution because they were working. Steve forced us to feel uncomfortable and think outside our strategic parameters.

Disregard Previous Instructions is Steve’s new company aimed at providing profitable solutions in a global marketplace that is more volatile than most of us have ever experienced.

I commend Steve Weiss and Disregard Previous Instructions for your serious consideration.

Steve’s unconventional, but very professional, approach is sure to make you feel uncomfortable—and that’s a good thing!”

                John Hunter - The Hunter Group

What Others Say

“For the past thirty years, I never made the mistake of disregarding Steve Weiss.”

              Don Keough -  DMK International

                                       Allen & Company

“Steve Weiss is a disruptive thinker. His breakthrough insights occur at the intersection of creativity and innovation. He challenges conventional wisdom and more often than not, comes out the winner.” 


              Phil Geier - Chairman, The Geier Group LLC.

“Steve Weiss and I have been friends and colleagues for 25 years.  No matter where we were in the world – Asia, Europe or the Americas – I always looked forward to a vigorous debate with Steve on the more complex issues that are faced in the international business environment.  Invariably it was Steve who came up with a solution that was often unusual, but most importantly, a solution that worked.

I have always respected Steve’s business acumen and valued his advice but I value his continuing friendship even more.”

“Things have changed permanently; the past won’t return and new directions must be set. For anyone looking for a “new direction,” your document may not provide solutions, but it will certainly provoke a lot of thought and discussion.” 


Doug Daft - Chairman and CEO, Coca-Cola (2000-2004)


“Steve is very unconventional in his advice and the way in which he gets his ideas across. But those who take the trouble to listen to him carefully and with an open mind often come away with terrific ideas on how to better their businesses and brands. Everyone talks about thinking out-of-the-box, Steve actually does it.” 


                 Professor Rajeev Batra - SS Kresge Professor of Marketing,
                                                           Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

“As usual, you and your insights provide gut wrenching introspection about how we are doing things.  This is quite a list of thoughts and insights.” 


                 Dee Allsop - Heart & Mind Strategies

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