What We Do

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    We work with senior management to determine
    if their enterprise should disregard previous
    instructions. We will ask tough questions of
    management to determine if this thinking is

    important to the business. We will answer the
    following questions:

  1. Is the current approach to the market correct?

  2. Is the enterprise underestimating the
    requirements needed to grow the business?

  3. Does the enterprise need to reinvent itself?


  1. Kodak, Borders, RIM, The Gap, ABC, NBC and
    CBS all followed the old rules. The business

  2. schools and consultants are still dealing from the

  3. old deck. Don’t follow in their paths. Disregard

  4. previous instructions and start generating profits.

  5. Our one day workshop is designed to give

  6. clients a better understanding of the Disregard

  7. Previous Instructions thinking, our ideas and
    strategies and how they will give their companies

  8. a competitive advantage. We focus on what is

  9. the different thinking that can yield more income.

  10. Emphasis is placed on participation and putting

  11. ideas into action. Attendees will come away with

  12. a new way of thinking that challenges the

  13. conventional mind. All of our efforts are

  14. geared to helping your business make money.


  1. Rethinking Thinking
    This speech examines management practices.
    Outdated business school conventions that
    have only succeeded in turning middle
    managers into yes men are discarded. Many
    companies are finding that models and
    infrastructures that were successful in the
    past are now too rigid to rise to the new
    challenges and opportunities.

  2. Hyper-competition: The Next Big Idea
    This speech provides a blueprint for competing
    in an era of hyper-competition. Competitive
    pressures are greater than ever before as low
    barriers to entry have resulted in increased
    competition, new innovation and technologies
    and approaches to competitive advantages.

  3. Radical Product Innovation
    This speech explains the difference between
    rapid and radical product innovation. Typically,
    when companies talk about radical change,
    they tend to mean incremental additions that
    do not affect the marketplace in the same way
    that true radical change would. This speech
    draws upon several examples from technology,
    products, services and information.


Disregard Previous Instructions is a strategy boutique.  We are not traditional consultants like the millions found in a Google search. When reading their self-defining descriptions, they all begin to look alike. Here are their key words: aggressive, results oriented, research driven, out of the box, breakthrough strategy, fundamental change, game change, insurgent, and many more buzz words. That’s all very nice, but they are all still playing with the same box of toys.

Disregard Previous Instructions believes that in time of massive change, we need innovations, fresh ideas and new alternatives to problem solving, because the existing solutions are obsolete.

Moving into tomorrow's worlds requires a revolution in thinking. We must develop concepts so inventive that they may contradict much of what was once assumed to be radically re-figuring the balance sheet of instructions, accepting the notion that a whole new way of thinking is required, that we must engage in harder truth telling and employ obsessive experimentation.

Taking Disregard Previous Instructions as our name was a big deal. It put a lot of pressure on us to create new instructions, to do things in an entirely different way. But that’s what we did, because we believe that our way was one of the few ways to make our client companies grow and become more profitable. And that’s what we’re all aboutprofitability.

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In a nutshell, at Disregard Previous Instructions, we:

Think Audaciously

We share your issues with some of the best minds in their fields, best minds in your field, as well as the best minds in far ranging fields. We ask them to stretch the solution possibilities to the breaking point. They work as a unit, individually and in small groups. They are absolutely guaranteed to offer solutions that were previously unthinkablethose that other consulting companies could and would not have the courage to present.

Invent Explosively

From the above-mentioned group, will come a cascade of unique ideas: some workable, some not workable, some outlandish, some wildly radical, some seemingly impossible but made possible. Essentially, we believe that radical thinking is needed for growth in these difficult and unprecedented times.

Explore Emphatically

Explore what? Explore every circumstance that could affect the purchase of goods and services. Economics, politics, psychology, ecology, ethics, needs, wants, desires, purchase power, sexual preference and science.  It all goes into the hopper and each has some effect on the ultimate solution to your business problem. We search for more breakthrough ideas in unlikely places. In approaching uncharted territory, we get a better understanding of how people react.

Test Continuously

We will collaborate with the best research organizations to develop testing that is wholly unique to your product or service. Questions designed by certified brilliant minds will yield insights not previously explored.

Make Money

Money, Money. That’s what it is all about. No matter how far out our ideas may be, they must make money for all clients.