Everything Changed Because Everything Changed.

Now is the time to Disregard Previous Instructions.

Disregard Previous Instructions is a strategy boutique—a small, exclusive business offering customized enterprise solutions. Our service is radical thinking—radical in the sense that our ideas challenge the established boundaries. We go to the edge: the market edge, the innovation edge, the creative edge and beyond. In doing so we find new markets, develop competitive advantages, devise new ways of reaching consumers and more. All in the service of enhancing profits.

Our name itself, Disregard Previous Instructions, throws down the gauntlet to conventional thinking, to case histories, to B school lessons and dares them to demonstrate their relevance and value compared with our thought processes. Our minds work to provide solutions to problems in unexpected but highly effective ways, always keeping in mind that the end product must always result in greater profitability.

We have a saying: Everything changed because everything changed. It’s true; there are a plethora of new problems but there is also a growing arsenal of new solutions. Let us show you how radical thinking can bring out the best in your company and how our services can bolster your bottom line.

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